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Secular Hero: Godless Mom

If you only listen to what religious people say about Atheists, you’d think we were all baby-eating, murderous heathens with bankrupt morals who live in abject depression because our lives are so meaningless.  No one is better at upending those miserable stereotypes than Godless Mom. This is an essential blog for anyone in the secular community and a great jumping off point for those brave souls who are just beginning to doubt the so-called truths offered by mystical sources.

A lot of secular commentary and advocacy comes from palaces of the elite, which can be an instant turn-off for the average person who sees more value in everyday issues than in high-minded intellectualism. While Godless Mom is as whip-smart as they come, she offers the humble perspective of a normal working mother just trying to do right by her family. Her advocacy is born out of the immense pain, damage, and chronic emotional struggles that so much of religion inflicts on the most vulnerable of its victims. Children are disproportionately damaged by a strict religious upbringing, since they will inevitably leave the nest and will be forcibly confronted with the reality of our godless universe.

Science has proven that teaching a young child they are sinful and at risk of going to hell for slight deviations from arbitrary behavioral standards can cause deeply rooted emotional issues that can take a lifetime to work through. Since we each only get one shot at this life, nothing could be more of a tragedy.

Godless Mom wades through inordinate amounts of hate and vitriol vomited at her by the believers of an “all-loving” deity. Regardless of your religion, if you believe in common human decency there can be no excuse for the slime that is sent her way by a small but very vocal contingent of people who seem really confused by the concepts of love, forgiveness, and mercy.  Yet she perseveres with the support of the good people in the secular community and the noble believers willing to stand up against irrational hatred.

Godless Mom is fighting the good fight to protect our children from the worst that religion offers and instill in them a healthy respect for the wonders of our temporal world. If we cannot draw hope and inspiration from brave cultural warriors like her, then there can be no escape from ignorance.

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