A Timeline Of Earth’s Temperature Since 20,000 BCE Illustrates Climate Change

Climate change is a frightening reality for our species but an irrationally divisive topic in popular opinion. It is divisive mostly because the vast amount of evidence for it has not escaped from scientific circles to be absorbed by the general public in a meaningful way. Now we have this magnificent illustration of all the global temperature data in one epic chart that really lets us step back and see the big picture view. If you accept the data as valid, it is almost impossible to deny that human involvement is playing a role. If you don’t trust the data, that’s a personal problem, but I will just say that thermometers work. Seriously through, we have some perfectly prosaic methods of knowing what the temperature was 1000s of years ago, like ice-core samples, so this part is not rocket science… though rocket scientists are on the case anyway! If you’re serious about digging into the data, and frankly you should be even if you don’t have reason to doubt, here are the sources cited by the artist:

Skakun et. al. (2012)Marcott et. al. (2013)Annan and Hargreaves (2013)HadCRUT4, IPCC

It’s one very, very tall image, so take a breath and prepare for the scroll of 22,000 years!


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